United Majesty Kingdoms
The Symbolic Unselfish Principle              The World Majesty Leading; The Only Teaching Kingdom 
 Majesty Solemn Asset of HM. DR. AYE
 The Only & One / The Original : The Majesty Queen of The 1st Kingdom of entire earth is as since was born.

*Basic Majesty Structure*
Majesty Solemn Asset of HM. DR. AYE The Only Founding Mother of The Majesty Kingdom
does not have to reign formally and never had to serve as a princess in a role. The Majesty
Members never have to succeed each other or generation after generation in sequence
as every family member are usually born out as the Kings and The Queens since were born.

Thus, everyone of our children never have to succeed any of each own parent as each has each
own particular unique principle divinity at each own spiritual nature power of lasting existence:
as everyone of our children & grand children are Kings & Queens at eachself since were born.

Therefore: No misunderstanding should be sought to attempt / to divide between and among
any of or all of our Majesty Family Members or within each own family of Loving Structure.

NOTE: This Written Description published on this page is just for knowledge of Governments & General Public to understand.
Self-installations by anyone are NOT encouraged without a Formal Written Permission with Official Stamp of Majesty Symbol
of The Only Majesty: Founding Mother Her Majesty HM.DR. AYE HM The World Majesty of The Golden Palace Origin. 

Any type of Kingdom to be united as a fully-bloomed into a member kingdom 
of UMJ Kingdom is usually structured in a complete sequence as follows:

Basic Structure of Every Kingdom included in United Majesty Kingdoms have three selective levels are categorized by:

> The Majesty Kingdom: The Majesty Kingdom is the Only Kingdom existing on the entire earth and universe: Highest Capable and Carefully Selected as Uppermost Cap: Worldwide Level of 1st Kingdom of entire earth: On behalf of the Golden Palace origin of The Majesty Queen & The Majesty King, The Diamond Palace Headquarters of HMH and The Grand Dukes who usually represent as each particular representation of on behalf of each Majesty Family Members, Responsible by Particular Local World Peace and Development Council (For the Security of All Majesty Family Members: WPDC working side by side with Diamond Palace Worldwide. Member Kingdoms to WPDC are assigned usually made by Golden Palace Origin of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty), officially attended by Selected Chief of Minister for Diamond Palace Original Headquarters, together with nominated Royal Queens and/or Kings. Special Assignments usually include Selected Crown Princes/Princesses of Royal Kingdoms. [NOTE: The Majesty Family Members are Natural Kings and The Queens since were born never have to serve as a prince or a princess whosoever, whatsoever, howsoever, or at wheresoever.

> Royal Kingdom: Quality People collected from Qualification of Public entirely by the Code of Royal Kingdoms, qualified for Royal Insignia of United Majesty Kingdoms {Responsible by Prime Minister, Officially attended events by Local National Palace Headquarters assigns to Princes, Princesses; Royal Family Members}. Most of The Royal Insignia are usually/directly issued by the Royal-Kingdoms-Accolade-Office of Yangon Palace directly working with The Royal Palace Headquarters.

Although Accolade Offices of Accolade Palaces overseen by Diamond Palaces Worldwide are only for Official Member Kingdoms united within Golden Royals of the Myanmar Kingdoms origin of The Majesty Basic Structure, whoever must be 1stly assigned by Her Majesty officially with written permission of Her Majesty Signature on The Majesty Palace Symbol of The Majesty Kingdom origin, the Majesty Solemn Asset of Her Majesty HM.DR. AYE. All Rights Reserved.

State Kingdom: Entire Public as Commoners who are ordinary nationals {Responsible by Governors; by President, and officially attended events by Local Diamond Palaces} are usually assigned directly by Each Particular National Diamond Palace installed by Diamond Palace of Each Particular Regional Headquarters. The State Insignia are usually issued by State-Kingdoms-Accolade-Office of Accolade Palace at Magway Region directly overseen by Diamond Palace Worldwide Headquarters. All Other Accolade Offices are taken care of by Accolade Palaces overseen by Local Diamond Palace (with state name extension of each particular state where other than Magway of Myanmar Kingdoms). Accolade Offices of Accolade Palaces overseen by Local Diamond Palaces are for States Kingdom only a portion of Magway is possible to structure as a state kingdom (similar to Diamond Palace U.S.A. that will be still working with Diamond Palace Americas directly overseen by Diamond Palace Worldwide on behalf of The Palace HQ). In addition to that at the same time: 
a mentioned state kingdom of Magway Region also has to be formally installed by Diamond Palace Asia of Her Majesty HM. DR.AYE on behalf of the entire Continent Asia {includes Southeastern Asia, North & East Asia, West Asia (Europe & it's islands), Middle East; Southern Asia} that directly overseen by Diamond Palaces Worldwide's Local Accolade Palace at Amarapura.  

Some other National Palaces at each & every state within Myanmar Boundary including Bago Palace, Sagaing Palace, and Manadalay Palace are directly overseen by Palace Myanmar of Her Majesty HM. DR AYE [as of The Majesty Kingdom origin (the 1st Kingdom of entire earth) of Myanmar Kingdoms in Loving Care of The Founding Mother Her Majesty HM.DR. AYE as The Most Important Her Majesty Solemn Asset] that is the original palace of Her Very Own Sovereign Kingdom, which is NEVER to be allowed to be overseen by else any person or else any organization whatsoever at any period of time frame. Two of three historic ancient cities that are World Heritage in Sagaing Region and one of three ancient city is in Magway Region: which are directly overseen by Diamond Palace Origin at Naga, Sagaing Region working together with Diamond Palace Worldwide at Shwebo, Sagaing Region, are the only qualified pyu cities of Majesty Kingdom origin of HM. DR AYE HM The World Majesty the Founding Mother of the 1st Kingdom of entire earth

Requirements For All Other State Kingdoms to be:
Any Responsible Leader of Any State can contact to earn for qualified score after score as of a particular state kingdom related insignia to be able to add-up as best effort after best effort for Future Establishment of Any New State Kingdom directly be working with Accolade Office of State Kingdom Category at Magway Palace for All other World State Kingdoms. Magway Palace shall always get the Majesty Approval from Palace Myanmar via Diamond Palaces Worldwide, Even after then, Royal Processing of Diamond Palaces Worldwide to start and Final Finishing Touch of any progress must be acknowledge & to be assigned or approved by Her Majesty officially with written permission of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE's Signature on The Majesty Palace Symbol of The Majesty Kingdom origin, the Majesty Solemn Asset of Her Majesty HM.DR. AYE. All Rights Reserved. Fee for Any Level of Kingdom Establishment & Installations are always required.

New Installation or Any Upgrade of above Kingdoms can be contacted here.

Significant Difference between Majesty Kingdom and Royal Kingdoms

Majesty Kingdom is The Only One Majesty Kingdom, originally overseeing the entire earth and the whole universe (includes All The World Golden Kingdoms) thus the Only & One Majesty Queen is existing for The Unity of Her World Leading Kingdom.
Therefore, The Majesty Queen does not represent only to one family or one nation or one region or one kingdom, also neither act as by only one person nor one ethnic alone. The Majesty Queen also oversees the Three Palace Headquarters of
The Majesty Kingdom, World Royal Kingdoms, and World States Kingdom. Thus, All Golden Family Kingdoms are in Unity of The Majesty Kingdom Origin, and All World Royal Kingdoms are united in United Majesty Kingdoms, and All World States Kingdom led by Magway Accolade Palace of Diamond Palace State Kingdoms at Magway Region on Myanmar Soil must never have any kind of  unnecessary extreme ambitious problems such as racialism or
nationalism or regionalism dispute, argument or disagreement, with proper coordination Diamond Palaces Operation Worldwide: Most Importantly For The World Peace Mission. One Most Important Thing to remember is: All Mentioned Factors must not be assigned or installed by else anyone without Her Formal Written Permission with Official Stamp of The Majesty Symbol with The original signature of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE the Founding Mother the Only Original Leading World Majesty of Myanmar Kingdoms / Entire Earth & Universe


> Since World Golden Kingdoms are originally comprised it selves in the unity of The Majesty Kingdom Origin, no new kingdom installation required to joint operation or to include within the Original Society of The Majesty Kingdom Origin. Only the Annual Funding regularly is required (to be up & running within each own boundary) : All upfront  payments shall be remitted to The Majesty Palace Headquarters of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE, are NECESSARY for every palace to be able to start in progress of real time operations. 

> 1st New Kingdoms have been started by Earliest City Kingdoms on Myanmar Soil known as "Pyu City Kingdoms" as a Pyu City Kindom has also been included later that established by The Majesty Kingdom Origin The 1st Kingdom of entire earth The Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C, which has NOTHING to do with any type of "United Kingdom" named by Any Royal Monarch or else. Not
even a similar! The Majesty Kingdom origin or United Majesty Kingdoms of Majesty Family Members own Golden Kingdoms of Golden Royals or any kingdom included in the List of World Kingdom Society is united by The Majesty Kingdom origin of Myanmar Kingdoms origin existed since Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C. Majesty Solemn Assets of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty. All Rights Reserved.

World Royal Kingdoms are united by World Regional Palaces of HM World Society. Assignments of Royal Officials might work together with the Royal Engagements On Duty overseen by The Majesty Orders, and also a potential next step to qualify the Majesty Ones by being converted of at least 5 Royal Kingdoms must have been powered spiritually and ceremonially touch of currently existing HM The World Majesty, for the Worldwide endure. There are also still many more factors needed to qualify in compliance to Code of Conduct/Arm: based on Religious Diversity with complex levels, at various ceremonies. Just some of explainable facts are as follows:

> a UMJ Kingdom usually has 5 or more Royal Kingdoms (such as empire, dynasty, imperial, monarch, etc. have to be combined. Only after then can be qualified in conjunction to become into become The Majesty unity of The origin of The Majesty Kingdom. Any Kingdom alone with a Royal King or a Royal Queen or a pair of a Royal King and a Royal Queen or a Royal King (with consort) or a Royal Queen (with a consort) cannot become itself to become a Majesty One to include in the unity of the origin of The Majesty Kingdom [The Only & One the 1st Kingdom of entire earth).

>  a UMJ Kingdom has a Federal Government as Head of States and Prime Minister as Head of Government, while a Royal Kingdom has only a Prime Minister or/and a Governor (when a Royal Queen has not been existence at any independent commonwealth state or at a state or at a country whichever is as a sovereign). First of All, At Least 5 States must be qualified and installed to become State Kingdoms by Diamond Palaces Worldwide currently overseen by HM The King of World Peace, and at least 5 State Kingdoms need to be comprised to become a Royal Kingdom For example: of Diamond Palace U.S.A. Then 5 Royal Kingdoms (as Diamond Palace with each particular State Name Extension) within Diamond Palace U.S.A. must be authorized by the pair of both The King (of The King Palace) and The Queen (The Queen Palace) together at equal level as Qualified Principle Palace that oversees 5 Principle Kingdoms to become a UMJ Kingdom. If Any Federal Government itself chooses any family member of The Majesty Family to be Their King and/or The Queen, it could become a Golden Kingdom historically for the future to be comprise of Society of The Majesty Kingdom Origin [The Only and One The Majesty Kingdom of Entire Earth). NOTE: Highest Unique Amount of Funding would be certainly required if choosing The Only Majesty HM. DR. AYE and The King of World Peace to be their Queen & The King, as every step of the way of Her Majesty HM. DR AYE is precisely & absolutely straight forwarding for meaningful progress of everything to achieve & accomplish completely without much talking. 

> Every Family Member of the Majesty Family Origin are each self The King or The Queen since was born, have already mentioned above, does not have to reign formally to become The Leading King or The Leading Queen of any else Kingdom to be included in The Majesty Kingdom. But every particular public or government or individuals of state that interest a kingdom to be, shall pay upfront in full deposit directly to The Palace HQ (care of by Webmaster) for installation expenses and fee for Majesty Stamps of each own symbol owned by any of Majesty Family Members, even before at where has to be visibly reigned in public view with The Majesty Ceremony, only after when purchase directly from the Palace Services of Each Majesty Member at each own perspective and society value of each own profession with special contracts with Majesty Kingdom Schedule via http://www.MarketGoverning.com. Any kingdom to be, shall reserve Any Family Member of The Majesty Family must contact through the UMJ Accolade Palace or to Diamond Palace Worldwide and must be authorized in Formal Written Permission with Official Stamp of Majesty Symbol by Working Palace HQ of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE of The Majesty Kingdom Origin (and The Golden Palace Origin). Detail Process of Any Palace Level can be inquiry
Requirement or Qualification of each particular land, nation or country will be determined by the Golden Palace Origin, in which for each Kingdom to be installed at, as a most suitable one will be selected from Three Types of above Kingdom Establishments. 

> a UMJ Kingdom usually earns from public works of working palace as by leading, guiding, allocating and operation of Majesty Enterprises or solving issues, helping or working together with federal government-led needs of local governments, innovating new sources, creating long-lasting benefit for people with NO TAXATION to public or to governments (while a State Kingdom or Royal Kingdom earns from engagements scheduled by Prime Minister in direct-taxation to public and businesses).

> a UMJ Kingdom works only with Mature-states, Sovereigns, and Fully-independent Nations, which is totally different with a Royal Kingdom or a Typical State how territories are accepted in them.

UMJ Kingdom does not work with any piece of a Land that being apart from a mainland or any fragile part that try to claim for an independent by any kind of violence in open or hidden in opposite to any original motherland. Therefore, all states, province, boroughs, districts, divisions and territory must live in harmony with General Government or Federal Government or Central Government of Every Motherland. If any part of any country that has conflicts and not being able to resolve itself; needs to be handled by HM World Kingdom Society, the particular local government or local public can direct ask for the palace service from the Accolade Palaces of State Kingdoms Category at each own suitable structure. 

More importantly: any state of being installed (but not yet officially  become a Royal Kingdom) shall not make any wrong promise to world public or even to each own nationals (solely for election purpose) that he or she can seek new state or a state kingdom or a royal kingdom, to add into current existing national structure or will be officially adding as a territory to/from other royal monarch in addition, just like insulting to those nations or each own nation at itself in colonize-effort in trying to exchange whatsoever just to get vote or just to win any election by any candidate whosoever. Instead: those candidate can contact directly to Accolade office of Local Accolade Palaces of State Kingdoms Category to join or work or practice as an intern during certain time frame (before/after such person gone into any politic campaign for any election).

Note: If there is any candidate (who is going into any politic election of any country) promise to public or to any government wrongfully without the knowledge of Kingdom Society, will be very dangerously destroying or damaging the priceless independence of each own nation could anytime fall into mess-up condition not just to ally state (or any royal kingdom) but to the view of whole world community. That will even damage the reputation of such candidate at his/herself and such just-to-win-election-attitude will damage the whole potential of entire nation which shall supposed to be raised up to the next level by properly asking to join or work with or to be an intern for certain time frame before deciding to go into any politic election or innocent public at themselves (together with Assignments with Formal Written Permission of The Majesty Queen). So that to be very careful and aware of such misleading promises in campaigning speeches/press at any wrong impression for any election at any nation. The national palace of each own kingdom (even as by a working palace where The Majesty Queen is currently residing while if there is a period of any election) also is not willing to work with such any running candidate of any politic party going into election of any level: federal or states or royal kingdoms before officially elected (except Absolute Royal Monarchs that do not have any public assembly is in place of where the palace exists or existed).

© Majesty Solemn Asset of HM. DR. AYE HM THE WORLD MAJESTY. All Rights Reserved.

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If is doing so will be at each own responsibility of any deviate omission, errors, or damages, could befall or
eventually could cause a whole nation (and an entire public) at unexpected dangers, at each own consequences.
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